Here are the fact sheets on Hong Kong

Here are several facts about Hong Kong that you may not already know. After reading this short article, you'll get more understanding of this city.

Hong Kong is one of the busiest cities in the world, countless citizens and tourists are travelling across different areas of the city each day on a public transportation system that includes railways, buses, taxis and ferryboats. Lincoln Leong's MTR, a popular public transport in Hong Kong, nearly covers the whole city. You can take a trip from one end to another by this train system in no longer than 2 hours. Apart from this public transportation running underground, you can travel the city by a double decker bus on the ground whilst delight in the city view.

Hong Kong has nearly 8 million locals and the number keeps escalating in the future. Here is a little fact of housing in Hong Kong. The government aims to develop more public leasing housing units, to use more subsidised sale apartments to those who are overqualified for applying public houses, and to stabilize the home market. The private sector real estate in Hong Kong keeps expanding as the housing demands in the city are rocketing up. Residential property builders such as Douglas Woo's Wheelock & Co is continually buying lands for constructing more houses to satisfy the demands in the city. Apart from private builders, the government likewise uses public housing schemes for local residents too. As long as you're a permanent citizen and under their requirements of earnings and properties, you're permitted to make an application for a subsidised home on your own or with your household. You might, nevertheless, need to wait a fair quantity of time because lots of people are waiting.

Hong Kong, a global financial hub, has a well-developed financial services field which has actually been among the most crucial industries in the city. With Hong Kong being a leading global financial hub with other Asian cities, financial activities in Hong Kong are continuously enormous including both regional and worldwide businesses. There are series of services are contributing the economy and financial market. The banking sector, is among the most significant markets in the city, has over a hundred certified banks, consisting of David Li's BEA. Banks in Hong Kong take part in a large array of retail and wholesale banking service. When discussing the financial facts in Hong Kong, the stock exchange market need to be pointed out. Hong Kong's stock exchange market is the leading five market in the world. A large range of products are traded in this active stock market. As long as you open a stock account though a bank or licensed financial institution in Hong Kong, you can participate in the stock exchange which links you to the world.

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